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Roger III

Corinne Dubreuil

Roger Federer par Corinne Dubreuil

During the 2013 Australian Open, Roger Federer played an intense tournament, reaching the semifinals before being defeated by Andy Murray in a five-set match. Despite this loss, Federer once again demonstrated his talent and tenacity on the court.

Photographer Corinne Dubreuil captured many memorable moments of Federer during this tournament. One of her photographs, titled “Roger III,” immortalizes Federer in a moment of concentration and determination. This image, like many of her works, reflects the passion and commitment of the Swiss player, paying tribute to his legendary career.

Dubreuil, known for her captivating shots of the greatest tennis players, has managed to capture the essence of Federer, both in victory and in moments of challenge. Her photographs are regularly exhibited in renowned galleries and are part of prestigious collections.

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