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Dina Goldstein

"A lens that unveils the raw truth behind idealized tales and societal facades."

Disenchanted Realities

Solo Exhibition by Dina Goldstein

Studio Idan – November 2023

“Disenchanted Realities” is an exhibition made up of three collections by Canadian photographer Dina Goldstein. These collections are all reminiscent of our favorite and well-known childhood characters as well as notable religious figures.

Dina Goldstein’s “Fallen Princesses” challenges the fictionalized accounts of classic fairy tale princesses by depicting them in contemporary, real-life settings. Each photograph in this collection reflects the struggles and challenges women face today, upending the traditional notion of happily ever after. Goldstein’s reconceptualization inspires viewers to question societal expectations and gender roles, fostering a deeper understanding of the resilience and strength inherent in these iconic characters.

In “Gods of Suburbia,” Goldstein delves into the complexities of modern life by juxtaposing ancient deities from various cultures in the mundane setting of suburban neighborhoods. This collection explores the dichotomy between great mythological figures and the daily struggles faced by individuals in suburban society. Through her lens, Goldstein invites viewers to reflect on the desires, aspirations, and conflicts experienced by people in contemporary society, ultimately questioning the relevance of ancient mythology in the modern world.

“In The Dollhouse” by Dina Goldstein offers a poignant commentary on societal pressures and constructed beauty ideals. The collection depicts the dark realities and hidden complexities of domestic life, focusing particularly on the experiences of women. Goldstein challenges conventional notions of femininity and the roles women are often expected to play, inviting viewers to confront the often discouraging aspects of these societal norms.

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