The 3th collection of the project "Who’s That Nude In The Living Room?"

Idan Wizen invite us to think about the multiple metaphors representing the shadow of the model, societal indifference or even the archetype of the idealized body.

Few words about this collecton

"The mannequin represents the perfect body without apparent imperfection. It can also represents societal judgment, the gaze of others."

Arles is the 3th collection of “Who’s That Nude in the Living Room?” art project which aims to constitute the largest photographic series ever made representing humanity as it is, in its most natural state, its nudity and its diversity. this concept of photographic art aims to bring together thousands of models, volunteers of all ages and from all social categories to constitute a huge gallery of portraits of men and women of today. These photographs, in their multitude and the originality of each one of them, their dynamism and their naturalness, show to universal human beauty, far beyond the restrictive socio-cultural and aesthetic criteria of our time.

FA03 - Arles by Idan Wizen

Singularity. A point in space-time where gravity becomes infinite. A technological future where artificial intelligence exceeds humans. A system where the smallest change can have big consequences.

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FA04 - Arles by Idan Wizen

Arles: The series produced during the European Festival of Photography in Arles

Arles is a collection of the project Who’s That Nude In The Living Room?”, a collection that respects the same principles as the others of the project. Namely, models who have never posed before (neither in photos, nor naked), they are not casted (everyone can come from the age of 18), and who come for a photo session, where we will keep only one photograph of each individual. There is no retouching, these are authentic photographs of each individual, they are meant to be made into works of art up to very large formats which are 80 x 120 cm, and to be exhibited, in exhibitions, as well as in private homes.

Produced during the European Photography Festival in Arles, this series counts only 25 shots. The models came to pose directly after discovering the photographs during the exhibition. At the Van Gogh space, Idan Wizen had set up a studio juxtaposed with the exhibition, thus offering visitors the opportunity to come and pose.

we will really look deep within ourselves, in our unconscious, in our subconscious, the resources, the why...

Each photo is unique just like its model and never touched up. This inevitably challenges us and creates in us a curious feeling of closeness, of belonging. Because these models are all of us.

Every photo is unique,
but can you imagine how stong can be a composition with more of them ?

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The different collections of "Who's that nude in the living room ?"

The 15th and current collection of the project:

The style evolves over time but the concept remains the same

Lost Room
White Light District

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