The 2nd collection of the project "Who’s That Nude In The Living Room?"

Idan Wizen invite us to think about the multiple metaphors representing the shadow of the model, societal indifference or even the archetype of the idealized body.

Few words about this collecton

The “Perseverance” collection is the second series of the artistic project “Who’s That Nude in the Living Room?” created by Franco-Israeli artist and photographer Idan Wizen. This collection stands out for its boldness and irony, using a bright red background to evoke and subvert the codes of the adult industry.

The choice of red, a color often associated with passion and provocation, creates a striking contrast with the nudity of the models. By adopting this aesthetic, Idan Wizen aims not only to capture attention but also to question and deconstruct the stereotypes associated with nudity and eroticism.

With “Perseverance,” each photograph becomes a subtle satire, highlighting the authentic beauty and diversity of human bodies, far from the clichés and superficial expectations of the adult industry. The models, in their vulnerability and strength, embody a resistance to societal norms and judgments.

The creation of this collection required true perseverance from both the models and the artist. Each shot is the result of a sincere collaboration, where mutual respect and trust allowed for the capture of moments of truth and authenticity.

“Perseverance” invites the viewer to rethink their perception of nudity and eroticism, to see beyond appearances and to appreciate the richness and complexity of the human experience. This collection, through its bold and satirical approach, offers a profound and necessary reflection on societal expectations and the true beauty of humanity.


vulgarity is not the background but the attitude of the model


2010/2012 – 100 artworks – C Print – Edition of 8 – All sizes included

Each photo is unique just like its model and never touched up. This inevitably challenges us and creates in us a curious feeling of closeness, of belonging. Because these models are all of us.

Feeling like being part of the project also?

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