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The boomer collection - art by Idan Wizen

A session with the same characteristics as the session "Who's That Nude In The Living Room?" - The boomer collection, but with fewer constraints!

About this session

Working with the same attention and care as the photographs of “Who’s That Nude In The Living Room?”, the confidential sessions allow you to pose as a couple, in lingerie or fully clothed or to come back for a new session if you have already posed for the project Un Anonyme Nu Dans Le Salon.

For each photograph, you will decide, together with Idan Wizen, whether you want them to be published.

You are free of charge for the session. Only the costs related to the print order are billed to you. However, we ask for a minimum order of €300, whether via digital files, small or large formats.


Course of a session :  

Photo session has an approximate duration of 90 minutes.

The session takes place in 4 stages :

The first step is the meeting with the photographer: Idan takes the time to get to know you, to understand your expectations of this session, to answer your questions. An informal interview to make sure that everything suits you and so that Idan takes photographs that really speak of you.

The second step is the shoot itself. No need to know how to do anything. You will be guided throughout. You just have to relax and have fun.

Then comes the viewing stage. You look at the photographs together to choose, jointly with Idan, the photographs that you like and those that Idan would like to publish.

Last step: choosing the photographs you want to keep, whether digital files or paper prints. If the session fees are offered to you, we ask for a minimum order of 300€. Download our price


“Freemium” session – Draws not included

The session includes :

Shooting, set costs and all technical costs.

At the end of the session, you will choose the photographs, formats and finishes you want. Pricing starts at €75 for digital files and €125 for signed prints. Download our full price

La certitude que seul, des photographies qui vous plaisent et uniquement si vous le souhaitez, seront publiées dans le cadre des expositions d’Idan Wizen.


When is this session for me? :

  • You have already participated in the project, regardless of the collection.
  • You do not want a photograph of you to be published.
  • You do not want to pose fully naked, you prefer to keep clothes / underwear.

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Location of the session :

43 rue Beaubourg – 75003 – Paris


Question ? Do not hesitate to contact us


The boomer collection - art by Idan Wizen

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