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"Who's That Nude In The Living Room?"

The boomer collection - art by Idan Wizen

A unique artistic project which, since 2009, represents humanity as it is, in its most natural state, its nudity and its diversity. Nearly 3,000 people have already come. And you ?

About this session

By posing for the “Who’s That Nude In The Living Room?” project, you agree that one of the photographs from the session may be published, exhibited in art galleries and sold to collectors. You also agree not to choose the decor and/or the graphic style by trusting the creative qualities of Idan Wizen.

In return, the costs relating to the session are offered to you. (You are only charged the cost of ordering the print.)


Course of a session :  

Photo session has an approximate duration of 90 minutes.

The session takes place in 4 stages :

The first step is the meeting with the photographer: Idan takes the time to get to know you, to understand your expectations of this session, to answer your questions. An informal interview to make sure that everything suits you and so that Idan takes photographs that really speak of you.

The second step is the shoot itself. No need to know how to do anything. You will be guided throughout. You just have to relax and have fun.

 Then comes the viewing stage. You look at the photographs together to choose, jointly with Idan, the only photograph that will be published.

Last step: choosing the photographs you want to keep, whether digital files or paper prints. Download our price


“Freemium” session – Draws not include

The session includes :

Shooting, set costs and all technical costs.

A photograph in digital file. In addition, at the end of the session, you can choose to order additional prints and photographs. Pricing starts at €75 for digital files and €125 for signed prints. Download our full price

The certainty that a photograph will be chosen and published. (We don’t do casting or entry or exit.)


In which case, this session is not for me ?

  • You are not 18 years old. A little patience, it will come!
  • You have already participated in the project, regardless of the collection.
  • You do not want a photograph of you to be published.
  • You do not want to pose fully naked, you prefer to keep clothes / underwear.

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Location of the session :

43 rue Beaubourg – 75003 – Paris


Duestion ? Do not hesitate to contact us


The boomer collection - art by Idan Wizen

Session booking form

An appointment commits you, if you take one. Thank you for doing everything to honor it.


A short video explaining the project

The “Who’s That Nude In The Living Room?” project proposes to change the vision of the naked body in society. The models are ordinary people and there is no casting. No matter the morphology, simple person from 18 to 99 years old, everyone is welcome. For most of them, the goal is to learn to love themselves and to correct the disturbed and inaccurate view of themselves.

The main idea of the project is to pay tribute to the uniqueness and diversity of the human race with its raw and unpublished photographs. While the fashion and advertising industries glorify the perfect Apollonian and Aphroditian bodies, the artist deviates from these dictates and has the courage to represent something different: a normal living body without any embellishment or beauty retouching. By showing his models without pomp and without eroticism, the artist fights with one stone the growing puritanism and the omnipresence of pornography in our society, extracting at the same time the model from any socio-cultural origin