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Eau Secours

Water, the source of life and the first mirror of our humanity, reveals its unique poetry in Arnaud Baumann’s “Eau Secours” collection. Each droplet on the skin tells a story, immortalized with rare sensitivity by this renowned photographer.

Through this artistic exploration, Baumann invites us to reflect deeply on our relationship with water and nature. These analog prints highlight detail, expression, and emotion. Under the shower, a moment of vulnerability and authenticity, faces reveal themselves, personalities emerge, and stories are whispered without words. This intimate contact with water elicits various reactions—from surprise to meditation, from ecstasy to melancholy.

These prints transcend simple photography. They are artworks signed and numbered by the artist. With his documentarian’s eye and humanist heart, Arnaud Baumann captures fleeting moments of truth. His models, whether artists, writers, scientists, or unknown individuals, share a part of their intimacy, offering a kaleidoscope of our humanity in search of meaning.

The prints on high-quality metallic paper, where water appears as pearls or precious crystal shards, draw the eye and invite contemplation.

Each image is a reminder that water is precious and the source of all existence.


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