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Gods Of Suburbia

This collection examines the personas of ordinary individuals amidst the backdrop of suburban life. Through a striking series of photographs, Goldstein challenges the notions of contemporary mythology, juxtaposing iconic gods and goddesses from various cultures with the mundane reality of suburban existence. This thought-provoking collection peels back the layers of our culture, revealing the aspirations, struggles, and desires of modern society against a backdrop that is both familiar and surreal.

In this series, Goldstein prompts viewers to question the significance and relevance of ancient myths and deities in our present-day lives, highlighting the contemporary yearning for identity, power, and purpose within the ordinary routines of suburban life. The clash between the mythological and the commonplace brings to light the universal human quest for meaning and the desire to transcend the confines of the everyday. “Gods of Suburbia” challenges preconceived notions about divinity and prompts a deeper reflection on the intricacies of the human condition in the modern world.

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