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Into The Box

The art collection “Into The Box” emerges as a poignant reflection on our ability to find creativity and inspiration even in the most constrained moments. As the artistic world navigates through a period marked by uncertainty, this collection illustrates the perseverance and ingenuity of artists who transform isolation into a profound source of inspiration.

Conceived by the visual artist Idan Wizen during the second lockdown in France, “Into The Box” was born from a context where access to the outside world and the public was restricted. Deprived of the presence of his usual photographic subjects, Wizen then turned to himself and his collaborators as models, exploring the intimate and universal dimensions of the human experience in times of crisis.

The box, the central element of this collection, symbolizes the confined space in which we were all forced to find ourselves. Through this metaphor, the works explore a range of intensely felt emotions during confinement – from frustration and anger to contemplation and apathy. Each piece captures the essence of forced introspection, revealing the complex and often contradictory emotions that coexist within us.

“Into The Box” also poses a provocative question: is our feeling of confinement solely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, or is it amplified by the barriers we erect ourselves? By exploring this idea, the collection invites reflection on how our personal “comfort bubbles” can sometimes turn into prisons, limiting our emotional experience and our relationship with the outside world.

Through “Into The Box,” Idan Wizen does not merely document a historically challenging period; he offers a mirror in which we can all look at ourselves, question our own resilience, and our ability to find light, even in the deepest darkness. This collection is an invitation to embrace all our emotions and to recognize the beauty and strength that emerge from vulnerability.

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