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The “Arles” collection, conceived during the European Photography Festival in Arles, stands out through a revolutionary and spontaneous approach to artistic creation. It consists solely of 25 shots, captured under unique circumstances: models were invited to pose immediately after experiencing Idan Wizen’s works during the exhibition. This series emphasizes universal human beauty, transcending sociocultural and aesthetic constraints, and highlights the authenticity and diversity of each individual.

Embodying a spirit of openness and inclusivity, “An Anonymous Nude in the Living Room” offers an alternative perspective on beauty and human expression, far from the uniform standards of beauty. The “Arles” series embodies this approach by capturing the essence of models who, without prior appointments, presented themselves in their purest nudity, thus contributing to the universality of the human genre.

Situated in the Van Gogh space, Idan Wizen set up a studio adjacent to the exhibition, creating a bridge between the viewer and the artwork. This initiative allowed visitors to have an immersive experience, offering them the unique opportunity to become an integral part of the art they had just admired. This direct interaction between the artist, the work, and the audience adds an extra dimension to the collection, making “Arles” a bold and innovative project.

The “Arles” collection reflects Idan Wizen’s commitment to exploring and celebrating human complexity. By inviting people from all walks of life to participate in his artistic project, without the barrier of a prior appointment, Wizen succeeded in capturing moments of authenticity and vulnerability rarely observed. These shots are not merely representations of the human form; they are reflections of personal stories, confidences, and courage.

“Arles” is more than a collection of photographs; it is an invitation to reflect on art, our relationship with our own bodies, and art’s ability to unite and inspire. Through this series, Idan Wizen once again demonstrates his talent in revealing the intrinsic beauty of humanity, encouraging a deeper and more nuanced appreciation of human diversity.

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