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Artificial Nature

The “Artificial Nature” collection from the “Un Anonyme Nu Dans Le Salon” artistic project stands out for its vivid color palette, immersing viewers in a universe where nature is entirely reimagined. In this surreal setting, models pose amidst a landscape concocted from scratch: grass in an almost unreal fluorescent green, artificial flowers in vibrant hues, caricatured inflatable animals, all under an intensely blue sky created from a roll of paper.

The artist’s intent with this collection is to starkly contrast the extreme artificiality of the decor, where every element is synthetic and man-made, against the raw simplicity of the models, presented in their most authentic state: nude and without any adornment. This juxtaposition underscores the increasing artificiality of our everyday environment while celebrating the only truly natural aspect of the works: the human form.

“Artificial Nature” emerges as the tenth collection of “Un Anonyme Nu Dans Le Salon,” a grand project aimed at creating the largest photographic series documenting humanity in its diversity and naturalness, through nudity. This photographic concept strives to bring together thousands of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to form a monumental gallery of contemporary portraits, reflecting universal human beauty beyond the constraints of current socio-cultural and aesthetic norms.

With “Artificial Nature,” the artist invites art enthusiasts in search of vibrant, colorful, and extravagant works to ponder the interplay between natural and artificial, in an era where the boundary between the two seems increasingly blurred. This collection serves as an ode to art’s capacity for wonder, capable of turning plastic into visual poetry, and reminds us of the central place of humans in art, as a living reminder of our most fundamental essence.

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