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The Boomer Collection

15th series of the project “Who’s That Nude In The Living Room?”, The Boomer Collection, embraces the classics and timeless of the 70s. Floral wallpaper, orange sofa, a pop and psychedelic style, flower power do you want some, all sprinkled with small cult objects from those years! Idan Wizen has chosen to bring the seventies style up to date, in an ode to kitsch and clichés!

The colored line winding through the decor symbolizes the questioning and evolution of our relationship to our body, to our image, to our nudity, to our intimacy. Today’s reports are much more complex than those of yesteryear. Faced with universalism, questions of gender and race arise. Faced with the need to accept oneself, there is the omnipresence of the judgment of complete strangers on social networks. The liberation of the body is torn between a hypocritical and galloping puritanism and an omnipresent and invasive pornography.

Nearly 3,000 different people undressed for the project, to evoke diversity in aesthetics, the place of nudity in our society, stuck between puritanism and pornography or even the attraction towards a being of whom we know nothing.

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