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At the onset of “An Anonymous Nude in the Living Room” in 2009, Idan Wizen aimed to explore societal perceptions of beauty. During that period, societal norms were rigidly confined to a singular vision of beauty, epitomized by airbrushed models in glossy magazines. Wizen’s journey revealed that beauty transcends these narrow confines, manifesting in various forms across different genders, ages, and body types.

The project also delves into notions of modesty amidst contrasting societal trends: the pervasive, often unsolicited exposure to pornography, and a simultaneous revival of puritanical views that seemingly condemn the mere display of the human body. Through “Genesis,” the inaugural collection of the project, Wizen invites contemplation on the essence of attraction, stripped of socio-cultural identifiers like names, ages, or professions, focusing instead on what inherently draws us to another person and inspires us to invite their presence into our lives for admiration and storytelling.

“Genesis” marks the beginning of “An Anonymous Nude in the Living Room,” an artistic endeavor aiming to compile the largest photographic series capturing humanity in its purest form: naked and diverse. This photographic art concept seeks to amass a vast array of volunteer models from all walks of life, creating a grand portrait gallery of contemporary men and women. The collection, through its diversity and the unique essence of each photograph, celebrates the universal beauty of the human form, challenging the restrictive socio-cultural and aesthetic standards of our time.

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