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The Liberty collection delves into a theme deeply significant to the artist, one that permeates his artistic output: individual freedom. This freedom, in its broadest sense, often finds itself constrained by others and societal pressures.

This series draws significant inspiration from the English “Liberty” fabric, which also inspired its name. It also explores the imagery of purple flowers, representing nature altered by human intervention, constantly in flux and evolution. The contrast between humanity in its natural state and this altered, disguised nature serves to illustrate the potential for human and natural co-evolution. The pink and violet hues of Liberty primarily symbolize tranquility, calmness, and serenity.

The photos remain untouched. The flowers were indeed present, crafted from fabric. The studio was adorned with over 20 square meters of these fabric flowers, providing a floral bed for the models to lie or stand upon.

Liberty is the twelfth collection from “Nude In The Living Room,” an artistic project aiming to create the most extensive photographic series ever realized, depicting humanity as it is, in its most natural state: nakedness and diversity. This photographic art concept seeks to gather thousands of volunteer models from all ages and social backgrounds to create an immense gallery of contemporary men and women portraits. These photographs, in their multitude and individual originality, their dynamism and naturalness, celebrate universal human beauty far beyond the restrictive socio-cultural and aesthetic standards of our era.

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