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“Pandemonium” draws inspiration from classical painting, utilizing Latin titles to invoke the elegance and depth of bygone eras while giving each work added dimension and intensity. The name “Pandemonium,” derived from ancient Greek, refers to the mythical capital of the underworld, yet the artist’s intent is not solely focused on the Renaissance or the 18th century. Instead, it encompasses influences from ancient Greece and Rome.This series highlights a fascinating paradox: although the artistic nude has been permitted and even celebrated across ages, it was never fully embraced by society, traditionally more puritanical. Today, despite a significant liberalization of sexuality and a greater acceptance of nudity, the art of the nude still elicits discomfort. This notion of taboo, almost demonic, surrounding artistic nudity challenges the artist, who seeks to show that the nude has always been a cultural meeting point, tolerated but often marginalized, regardless of social mores’ evolution.The 8th collection from the ambitious project “Nude in the Living-Room” aims to create the most extensive photographic anthology celebrating humanity in its most authentic form, its diversity, and nudity. Through this photographic art, the goal is to gather an exceptional collection of portraits from volunteers of all backgrounds and ages, forming a dazzling gallery that celebrates the universal splendor of the human form, beyond the confines imposed by contemporary socio-cultural and aesthetic norms. “Pandemonium,” with its visual richness and profound message, invites art collectors and photography enthusiasts to ponder the role of the artistic nude through the ages, while admiring the timeless beauty of human expression.

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