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The Purity series offers a refined and minimalist vision, conjuring an almost ethereal air. Crafted between 2018 and 2019, this black and white collection immerses the viewer in a timeless, non-locational space, where the mere outlines of human bodies gently disrupt visual silence. The aim was to capture the unadorned essence of the subjects, away from daily distractions, eliminating any sense of perspective and gravity.

Purity is the eleventh installment of the “Un Anonyme Nu Dans Le Salon” project, aspiring to compile the most extensive photographic series to date, celebrating humanity in its most genuine form: nudity. This ambitious project invites individuals from all backgrounds and ages to contribute, aiming to create a comprehensive gallery of contemporary portraits. Each unique snapshot showcases the inherent beauty of human diversity, challenging the restrictive aesthetic and social norms of our time.

This work appeals to art and photography collectors seeking to enhance their collection with pieces that transcend time and space, offering a fresh perspective on the human condition. Purity is an invitation to rediscover beauty in its most unadulterated form, a tribute to natural elegance and the resilience of the human spirit.

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