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Singularity. A point in space-time where gravity becomes infinite. A technological future where artificial intelligence exceeds humans. A system where the smallest change can have big consequences.

A universe plunged into darkness, at the crossroads of theater and cinema, in which time and space cease to exist to make room only for the hero. This hero, nobody like you and me, overcomes his fears and societal taboos by discovering himself, by giving himself up to the eyes of the spectator.

Anything that once seemed substantial loses its importance and becomes a shadow except for being admired.

Accompanied by one or more window mannequins, these, like the term “singularity”, can take on several meanings. Multiple metaphors representing the shadow of the model, societal indifference or even the archetype of the idealized body.

Singularity is the 14th collection of “Who’s That Nude in the Living Room?” art project which aims to constitute the largest photographic series ever made representing humanity as it is, in its most natural state, its nudity and its diversity. this concept of photographic art aims to bring together thousands of models, volunteers of all ages and from all social categories to constitute a huge gallery of portraits of men and women of today. These photographs, in their multitude and the originality of each one of them, their dynamism and their naturalness, show to universal human beauty, far beyond the restrictive socio-cultural and aesthetic criteria of our time.

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