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Virtual Street Art

Idan Wizen’s “Virtual Street Art” collection daringly fuses cityscapes with the essence of human form. In this groundbreaking series, Wizen overlays nude figures from his “Purity” series of the “Un Anonyme Nu Dans Le Salon” project onto city architectural photographs, transforming these bodies into the appearance of street art on building exteriors.

These artworks, which juxtapose the harsh lines of city architecture with the softness of human skin, provoke thoughtful examination of how nudity is perceived in public arenas. They draw a sharp distinction between the commonplace depictions of violence and the often-taboo representation of the nude human body, illuminating societal values and reactions to different kinds of imagery.

“Virtual Street Art” goes beyond celebrating the human form—it critically examines cultural and social norms surrounding what is deemed acceptable in public discourse. By integrating nudity into the urban landscape, Wizen confronts societal taboos and stimulates essential discussions about the limits of artistic freedom and censorship in public and artistic spaces.

Dive into this collection, where each piece challenges viewers to reconsider societal norms and personal comfort levels with nudity, starkly juxtaposed with familiar symbols of aggression and dispute.

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