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Louis Blanc

Louis Blanc, born in 1956 and residing in Toulouse for over a decade, is a self-taught French photographer whose artistic journey demonstrates an unending quest for expression and innovation. Blanc delved into the world of photography without formal training, relying on his passion and intuition to master the art of capturing fleeting moments through the lens.

From the 1980s, he experimented with various equipment, from a Minolta to a digital compact, before ultimately adopting a DSLR in 2010. This transition marked a turning point in his career, allowing him to fully dedicate himself to his preferred subjects. In 2011, Blanc launched his iconic project CORpuS, a series of photographs exploring the complexity and expressive potential of the human body. Inspired by triumph in a photography contest, Blanc found in CORpuS a means to probe the depths of human emotion and thought through visceral representations of the body.

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