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Metamorphoses provides an alignment between the body and the elements of nature. Humanity’s acknowledgment of its own destructive actions unfolds as a poignant narrative of transformation. Amidst the desolation caused by its own folly, mankind grapples with the consequences of its actions, seeking liberation from the confines of its self-imposed isolation. Within this collection, the emergence of tomorrow’s superheroes is rooted in the courage to undergo profound metamorphosis, signifying a path toward redemption and empowerment. As humanity confronts its stubbornness and solitude, a journey of self-realization begins. Nature, akin to a fountain of youth, undergoes a regenerative process, while the human soul, cocooned within its essence, distills the very essence of existence. Through this symbiosis, humanity is poised for rebirth, shedding its former constraints to embrace its true nature. Within this allegorical narrative, Mathilde Oscar crafts powerful images of women empowerment, depicting the transformative potential inherent in every individual.

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