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About the series

Le Palace by Arnaud Baumann

Discover the unique history of the Palace, a famous Parisian establishment opened in April 1978. Inspired by the famous Studio 54 in New York, this high place of nightlife marked its time by symbolizing the joy of living, freedom and carelessness.

Evenings at the Palace know no compromise. They attract celebrities from the world of music, fashion and cinema, but also ordinary partygoers in search of pleasure without taboos or limits. This eclectic space resonates with the sound of pleasure, intoxication and disinhibition, and plays an essential role in the emergence of gay culture.

At the heart of this effervescence, the renowned art photographer Arnaud Baumann began his career. For five years, he captured with talent the explosion of life and pleasure that animates the Palace. His documentary and visual photographs offer a unique vision, featuring long exposures that bring colored lasers to life, thus immersing us in the heart of the party. These authentic and uninhibited images remind us of the importance of rediscovering the lightness of this era and cultivating our freedom.

Color shots of the Palace are rare, but Arnaud Baumann makes them even more vibrant and seductive thanks to his original look. Like a painter, he uses his camera like a brush to restore the colorful magic of the intense nights of this famous Parisian nightclub.

These photographs, captured on Kodachrome film nearly half a century ago, are now collector’s items, printed on archival metallic silver paper. Between plastic photographs and archive documents, they bear witness to the history of the arts, dance and pop-culture during the exhilarating era of the Palace.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of the Palace and its unforgettable evenings, immortalized by the unique photographs of Arnaud Baumann, which continue to reveal all their artistic and historical value over time. Discover these authentic testimonies that celebrate freedom and the joy of living in a space where memories endure and flourish.