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Kylian 2

Charlotte Wilson

Kylian 2 par Charlotte Wilson

During the 2022 World Cup final, Kylian Mbappé achieved a memorable feat by equalizing for his team. This decisive moment, captured by photographer Charlotte Wilson, shows the intensity and emotion of the young French prodigy at the peak of his art. This image, titled “Kylian 2”, immortalizes a crucial moment of the competition, symbolizing both Mbappé’s determination and passion on the world stage.

Charlotte Wilson is a renowned sports photographer, specializing in capturing decisive moments in football. With a flourishing career, she has covered numerous international sporting events, including World Cups and European Championships. Her work is distinguished by her ability to capture the essence of the action and the emotions of athletes on the field. Wilson has worked with several prestigious publications, and her photos are often used to illustrate key moments in the most important matches. Her talent for freezing the decisive moment makes her an indispensable reference in the field of sports photography.