Apply to our exclusive agency where we provide guidance, career support, and seek innovative creators who share our values

Here is what we offer as a gallery to our artists:

• Exclusive Representation: Joining our gallery means becoming an exclusive artist represented by our agency, where we provide personalized attention and comprehensive support tailored to your artistic journey.

• Exposure and Promotion: Gain extensive exposure through our online and physical exhibitions, supported by targeted marketing efforts aimed at reaching collectors, galleries, and art enthusiasts worldwide.

• Sales and Representation: Access our network of art collectors and buyers with the assurance of professional representation and negotiation on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your creative practice while we handle the business side of your career.

• Continuous Development: Receive ongoing support and advice to nurture your artistic practice and career growth, including feedback on your portfolio, pricing guidance, and opportunities for further education and development.

Here's what we seek in potential candidates:

• Creative Excellence: We’re drawn to artists who demonstrate exceptional talent and creativity in their chosen medium, showcasing a distinctive artistic voice and mastery of craft.

• Commitment to Exclusivity: We seek artists who are willing to enter into an exclusive representation agreement with our agency, allowing us to fully invest in their career development and promotion.

• Long-Term Vision: We’re interested in artists who are committed to long-term growth and success, willing to invest in their artistic development and career advancement with our guidance and support.

• Professionalism and Collaboration: We value artists who approach their practice with professionalism and a collaborative spirit, willing to engage in open communication and partnership with our agency team.

Guests enjoying an evening event at our Paris art gallery
Spacious exhibition area with parquet flooring in art gallery
Close-up of art pieces displayed in our Paris gallery

If you’re ready to take your artistic career to the next level, we encourage you to submit your application for exclusive representation with our gallery and agency. Please note that we receive a high volume of applications, so the chances of you getting chosen is statistically low. Nonetheless, we still encourage all talented artists to apply, regardless of their experience or background. Our goal is to support and nurture artistic talent, and we believe that every artist deserves a chance to shine. We look forward to reviewing your application!