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Idan’s favorites

Idan Wizen chooses his favorite prints

A project that has been going on for over 12 years. 12 collections. Different designs and styles. More than 2000 people have posed. Over 2000 different poses and expressions captured by his lens. We decided to ask Idan Wizen, its creator, a difficult task – to choose his favorites.


Would you prefer to read than watch a video?

Hello, I am Idan Wizen, a fine art photographer in Paris. I founded the project Who’s That Nude In The Living Room? in 2009 and since then I have taken more than 2200 pictures of 2200 different people. I was asked to choose my favorite photos, I let you find out the rest!


What are your three funniest pictures?


H0227 – L’illuminé (Lost Room), 2013

F0272 – La Jack in the box (White Light District), 2014

HB1790 (Liberty), 2019


The most touching?


H0158 – Le sprinteur (Névrose), 2012

F024 (Genèse), 2009 

F0557 – The waver (Backstage), 2015


The weirdest?


HB2073 (Sanitized), 2021

H0121 – L’alternatif (Obstination), 2012

F0259 – La princesse (White Light District), 2014


The most elegant?


F0421 – Harmonia (Pandemonium), 2014

HB2004 (Sanitized), 2021

H0390 – The fop (Backstage), 2015


Most melancholic?


F0480 – The antidepressant (Backstage), 2015

HB1939 (Sanitized), 2020

HB1736 (Liberty), 2019


Most inspiring?


H0396 – Le Farmer (Backstage), 2015

HB1830 (Sanitized), 2020

H0188 – Le terrifiant (Névrose), 2012


The most graphic?


H036 (Genèse), 2009 

HB1564 (Purity), 2018

F0340 – Amentem (Pandemonium), 2014


The craziest?


H0314 – Pirata (Pandemonium), 2014

H0449 – Teays Valley (Artificial Nature), 2016

F0720 – Beverly Hills (Artificial Nature), 2016


Top 3 favorite photos that are not from the UANDLS project?


American Condoms, 2010

Let’s backbite together (Hinders), 2020

The drowning of consumption, shoes sauce (Hinders), 2020


The 3 photos you would have liked to do?


Lil Kim, David LaChapelle, 1999

Spencer Tunick, 2007, Amsterdam

La liberté dévoilée, Gérard Rancinan, 2008