The fourth collection of the project "Who’s That Nude In The Living Room?"

Idan Wizen talks about the place of aesthetics and modesty in society

Few words about this collection

"The most difficult to act, the rest is merely tenacity." - Amelia Earhart

The “Obstination” collection is the fourth series of the artistic project “Who’s That Nude in the Living Room?” created by Franco-Israeli artist and photographer Idan Wizen. True to the innovative spirit of this project, “Obstination” stands out with its unique and immersive approach, aiming to create a three-dimensional setting where models interact with a central element: a Louis XVI chair.

Each photograph in this collection features a model posed on this iconic chair, symbolizing perseverance and determination. The choice of the Louis XVI chair, with its classical design and timeless elegance, offers a striking contrast to the nudity of the models, enhancing the visual and emotional power of each image.

“Obstination” consists of 100 photographs, each capturing the essence and unique personality of the model. By using the chair as a focal point, Idan Wizen creates a particular dynamic and interaction, giving the impression that each image is a scene from a larger, more complex narrative.

This collection not only presents nudity from an artistic perspective but also explores themes of resilience, inner strength, and human determination. The models, in their diversity and vulnerability, bring a depth and authenticity that resonate deeply with the viewer.

By exploring “Obstination,” you are invited to delve into a world where art and history converge, where each photograph is an invitation to reflect and admire the complexity and beauty of the human condition.


2012 – 100 artworks – C Print – Edition of 4 – unique on its size

Each photo is unique just like its model and never touched up. This inevitably challenges us and creates in us a curious feeling of closeness, of belonging. Because these models are all of us.

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