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Dystopia by Mathilde Oscar delves into the intricate connection among nature, insects, and humanity, shedding light on the delicate equilibrium of our planet. As bees teeter on the brink of extinction due to human intervention, Oscar’s artwork urges us to ponder the trajectory of our cohabitation. Despite their small stature, insects, with a biomass 300 times larger than humans, evoke a curious blend of awe and trepidation.

Can coexistence between species thrive, or are we fated to succumb to insect dominance? Through a visually arresting depiction of a rococo-infused post-apocalyptic realm, Oscar prompts contemplation on these existential queries. The arresting imagery, blurring the boundary between allure and revulsion, challenges conventional ideals of flawlessness and imperfection.

This evocative interplay inspires a gamut of emotions, from admiration to disquiet, prompting viewers to confront their apprehensions, potentially even making peace with entomophobia. Initially mistaken for paintings, the photographs reveal themselves to be crafted from tangible flesh and blood. Within this surreal narrative, human and insect queens coexist, sparking reflection on the intersections of weird art, beauty, grotesqueness, fiction, and reality.

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