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Brooke Shaden

Born in 1987 on the east coast of the United States, Brooke Shaden has always had a passion for storytelling. She studied film and English all throughout college and took the leap of discovering her forte in photography after graduating in 2008. Now, she has become known worldwide for her work and is one of the most recognized artists in modern photography.

She’s fascinated by contrast, whether it be literal, in terms of color and space, or the characteristics of people and their innermost thoughts. She channels her imagination by creating portraits of herself and others in order to explore these fascinations and bring them to life.

Shaden’s artistic process dives into the unknown and allows others to unearth their greatest fears as well as dreams. The subject becomes one with the setting allowing a captivating story to unfold. 

She has won 18 awards throughout the years and continues to showcase her work all around America and Europe. She been a part of 80+ exhibitions since 2009. She also keeps her passion of storytelling alive by giving motivational speeches, and writing in her blog “Promoting Passion”.

Shaden continues to discover new ways of uncovering the enigma and duality of people. Over time she has developed a discernable style that allows people to easily recognize her work. Her unwavering curiosity makes her a truly distinguishable photographer of this generation.