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Do for others what I ask my models!

At the end of the afternoon, I went on Facebook. “Nude In The Living Room”, a bright red background that inevitably catches the eye, and this round and cheerful woman make an exhibition announcement impossible to miss!

The concept amuses me… I want to know more…. click click on the photographer’s website, he is online at the time I visit… we are chatting… the current is going well. I like the concept enormously, moreover as a photographer, the least of the things is that I am able to do for others what I ask my models … I do not hesitate a second more.

Appointment is made … I talk to my partner, who lets herself be tempted, even if her reluctance will grow as the appointment approaches (that’s another story) …

The contact with Idan is excellent. I usually don’t have any concerns with nudity, or for that first experience anyway…. The session takes place quickly, I let myself be guided and towards the end, I let go a little more…. Here. It’s over, it remains to choose the photo.

And after … well, I talked about it around me, even with my family, I advertise in Idan “because it’s worth it” J’ai… I fell for 3 photos, one unknown, that of my friend and mine…