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I found myself beautiful

I was surfing on the net when I came across a link to the website of Nude In the Living Room, I clicked and I discovered the project. I found this approach, as unusual as honest, very interesting because it is unlike anything you can find when it comes to artistic nude. The people represented are, like you and me, everyday people. So I decided to take the plunge to try the experiment.

And what an experience! It was very special for me. Until then, I had never liked my image, I did not look beautiful … But after seeing the photographs, my look changed. I discovered myself from a new angle, and I never thought I could say it, or even think it … But I found myself beautiful. I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the result. The hardest part of this photo session was not modesty but the distance: I came from the south of France to pose!

During the shoot, I felt extremely comfortable. Everything went very well, I did not encounter any particular problem with nudity. I was very calm, the photographer doing his best to put his models confortable.