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I was pleasantly surprised

I’ve been wanting to pose for a long time, and as soon as I learned about the project, I jumped occasionally. In addition, the initial concept: “Bare the world to look differently” I liked from the start. Indeed, exposing the world allows one to see what it is, effectively, and not in a fantasized or distorted manner.  It also allows you to accept and respect others in all their diversity and ultimately to accept and respect yourself.

The pose session allowed me to discover what the work of photographer in the studio really is and I realized that it needs a great capacity to adapt to the model,especially to know what he would like to do and to make him comfortable, as well as the imagination to offer him suitable poses. During the session, I immediately felt confident and found that time passed very quickly. I was surprised when the session was over. Then, the selection was made very quickly, thanks mainly to the very trained eye of Idan who immediately perceives the photos that are better the ones that stand out. Very quickly we arrived at the five remaining photos. I was pleasantly surprised by the result.

Once Idan’s photo was uploaded to the site, I advised a few close friends and family to go see it and find out about the others. The reactions, when I talk about this, are quite mixed because as soon as we talk about nudity, most people physically “retract”, as if they were going into their shell. Some of them wanted to go pose but I don’t think they went through with the process and I don’t know if some of them wanted to buy it. For my part, I acquired several photographs, in addition to mine.