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I will not tell.

Image is one thing. Speech is another. Besides, I like that my photography speaks for itself, without words.

I have a feeling that telling my story breaks anonymity.

I don’t want anyone to know what state of mind I was in, nor why, nor what I learned from this experience, or even if I lived it as an experience.

I want people to look at the work for what it is, ask questions, see me the way they want to see me, lending me all kinds of feelings and thoughts.

When the session ended, I  took a step back: I did not pay as much attention to the model represented as to the photographic work itself and what emerged from it.

To be beautiful, works must be able to be beautiful outside of a context and a story, or only those that everyone is free to lend them, to imagine.  (??)

That’s why I won’t tell.