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It was the right time to embark on this adventure!

I discovered Idan and his project “Un Anonyme Nu Dans Le Salon” quite by chance, on social networks in early 2019.

Following a work done on myself a few months before, I had just discovered naturism and finally began to accept my body.

In love with nude photos (rather male), I went to see Idan’s website and fell under the spell of his work.

2019… the year of my 50th birthday, I told myself that it was the right time to embark on this adventure and sign up for a session that took place at the end of January. It was both a challenge and my birthday present.

Chance or not… After I registered, I came across a photo of a friend that had been made by Idan. This reassured me that I had registered for this session. Because I must admit that I was a little anxious about doing this session. I had never done this before… let alone naked in front of a “stranger”!

But as soon as I arrived, Idan was able to put me at ease. After our discussion, I naturally undressed behind the screen before positioning myself naked in front of him ready to follow his instructions.
Idan guided me throughout the session which allowed me to take real pleasure until I forgot my nudity!

The moment of the selection was very difficult… on the one hand by the fact of discovering myself naked in the photo and on the other hand by the large number of pictures all more beautiful the ones than the others. But once again, Idan knew how to accompany me to make these choices.

To date, I have unfortunately not yet been able to attend an exhibition and have never shown my photos to other people. It was a bit my secret garden.

Very recently, more than a year after I received my photos, I showed them to a person who means a lot to me and I was surprised by his very positive reaction (as much on the project as on my nudity and the quality of the photos).

To conclude, I would just say that this session was for me a very nice experience that I would love to repeat on another collection maybe!

A big thank you to Idan, without whom I would surely never have been able to live this beautiful experience.