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My doubts vanished with my mom's blessing!

I heard about Idan’s project through a friend. My first reaction was to laugh… What is this crazy project? After a while, I decided to check it out on the Internet. I was surprised by my own reaction. What I thought at first was a joke was actually one of the most beautiful and artistic things I had ever seen. The more I looked at the pictures, the more the message of the project was obvious. Each picture is unique and tells a story of a person who decided to show themselves in the most natural and simple way. A surprising idea popped into my head: I wanted to be part of it.
Before making any decisions, though, I bought two pictures from Idan. The two pictures for me just had a little something that was different from the others! Well, it is precisely this little something that characterizes Idan’s work, and makes it particularly special.

I finally found the courage to pose for Idan. One night as Idan was asking again if I wanted to pose for him, I felt like doing something crazy: Throwing away all the inhibitions that prevented me from doing it before. But going to my photo shoot with Idan, I keep worrying, “Am I doing something stupid, will I regret it?”

Idan was very sweet and reassured me, “We won’t do any pose that you don’t want to do. Try to picture yourself on a beach.” That’s easy to say, but time flew by and before I realized it, the shoot was over. Looking at all the poses Idan took was one of the hardest experiences of my life, but the two photos I chose with Idan that made the final cut were fantastic! On the way home, I understood the real motivation that made me sit for Idan was that I simply wanted to.

When my picture was finally published, it took my breath away. It was the best picture ever taken of me. Telling my mom about the picture was one of my favorite moments, seeing her reaction when I first told her. At first she was freaked out that her daughter posed nude. But she asked to see the picture. It was a real shock to hear her say that she loved it and found it beautiful. The small doubts I had vanished as my mom gave me her blessing.
Posing nude for Idan is probably one of the best decisions I ever made, this is why I am not hiding it.

One day, I received a text from Idan telling me that someone bought my picture… I felt proud and flattered to have been chosen and to have moved someone. I don’t really think about on who’s wall my picture is hanging. I feel like that person in the picture was another part of myself, a sort of abstraction that if I came closer, would whisper all those hidden things to me.