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Pressure and stage fright grow unbearable!

One evening, as I was having a drink at the Roto Bar, a small wine bar where many exhibitions take place, I chanced upon the preview of “Who’s that nude in your living room?”. Photographs of nude models are displayed on every wall. My friends who have arrived earlier tell me about the concept: anyone can ask to be a model and the photographer takes everyone!
The idea appeals to me: being shot nude has always been something that I wanted to do but not in any surroundings, and not by paying for the sitting. After a few drinks, off I go to speak to Idan the photographer, to ask him for further details: how does exactly a sitting go off? How long does it last? It’s one thing to feel like doing it, it’s another one to take action!
A friend of mine then suggests that we go together… After some talking, we end up mutually convinced… Impossible to draw back once the appointment has been made!
Having arrived early for the appointment, I can hardly bear the pressure and the stage fright! The need to leave is overwhelming! But, at last, Idan shows up. We chat. He does his best to make me feel at ease, which is not an easy task! And yet a few minutes later, naked on the black background, I already feel better! Since I am there stark naked, it’s just as well to let myself go! The photographer ‘s good mood also helps a lot!
On leaving, I feel anxious again: which photo will he choose? I like one particularly… But now, I am no longer in control of the situation! And the wait begins… with all the ensuing questions: why have I done it? How will the photo come out? What shall I look like? Aware that the artistic approach is not focused on my personal aesthetics, I have difficulty putting my mind at rest.
The photo arrives at last! I am glad! Relieved! I like it and the wait is over! What I am most proud of is that I dared doing it!
Since then, I have shown the photo to a few very close friends and to some members of my family… Somehow as if I was disclosing one of my dearest secrets… The reactions are positive and sometimes also inquiring: “You dared do it? I don’t think I will! I wish I could but I’ll never make it!…”
Then to all those who hesitate, it’s not that easy but in the end it proves to be just so good! Go for it!