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Thanks mom, I dedicate you this picture

I would like first to thank Idan for his patience during the shooting, he enabled me to forget that I was naked in front of his camera. It was a real challenge for me. Idan is a real professional and knows what to do to get people comfortable. I wanted to be a model 18 years ago, but here I am today, 18 years later posing at last! The picture won’t be touched up and I won’t be wearing any make up: it will be all natural. My challenge will be to confront myself. It took me several years and my mother’s death to finally decide that I had to accept myself.
I discovered Who’s that nude in your living room while surfing the net. It’s a great project that really spoke to what I needed at that time. It enabled me to be myself again.
Thanks Idan, Thanks Mom. I dedicate this picture to my mother hoping that wherever she is she can see me. I love you.