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Using my body in an artistic way

Pose naked. I had this idea in mind for quite a while. Using my body in an artistic approach, being a communication tool, is for me an essential concept. Without our body, it is impossible for me to exist. We must be aware of it without detour. Having the experience of being the observer, I had to be in the place of this “naked” to understand and feel this relationship with the body. Today’s approaches in this area are not without complications. There are many preconceptions and anxieties to discover, but not insurmountable. I got to know Idan through a friend. The adventure fell under the direction, by contacting it I did not know very well towards which result I tended, but the step had to be taken!


His approach is committed and not borrowed from the codes of current society with regard to bodies for sale. Being anonymous was therefore the key in order to exploit the vision I had. Tool, the basic concept as far as I’m concerned. I was hoping for this experience as an exchange, a collaboration. The first minutes of conversation gave free rein to my imagination. Doubts also about my coming to his photo studio … How was the session going to take place? Was I going to flee at the “moment” of truth? But the photographer put my trust in me and knew how to communicate to me the vision of his work, respectable, sincere and natural. At first glance, we wonder especially if the gaze will go beyond our intimacy. Well no !


So I took off my clothes and borrowed the one that nature had given me, in a strictly professional setting. The camera is basically the one that creates the most anxiety. With Idan the idea of image disappears. He didn’t confront me with my body, and let me be who I was. He guided me through the poses. Not being there to prove anything to me, I trusted his experience. It amused me a lot and at the same time I took it very seriously without feeling like I was accountable for aesthetics. A mixture of very complex perception, being naked before a foreign gaze. Not so foreign, basically, because Idan quickly captures what we are there for, and adapts completely.


For my part, I enjoyed posing, realizing the limits of my body, like the surprises at the sight of certain pictures. The place given to exchange, to lightness, is what allowed me to approach this experience with confidence. To be natural, to be yourself. I do not recommend this experience as we recommend a bungee jump! Even if it’s quite comparable in fact … I see above all the fact that Idan is an artist and a person with whom we can live this. I invite you not to ask yourself too many questions, if the idea was born in your head it is that deep down the desire has already taken precedence over doubt. So respect yourself, go ask!