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Why did I pose naked?

– Because I was looking for a way to cure myself of my desires for a career in politics or to register for the Miss France competition

– Because I am stingy, and I could not resist the idea of inviting myself to your home without having to bring flowers or Yoplait baskets

– Because I didn’t want to dirty my things when Idan invited me to sit on the floor

– Because I wanted to make sure that I could still enter the frame despite my weight gain

– Because you always have to comply with a smooth skin check

– Because it is so common to show the last clothes that we bought when we should be proud to show the first costume that was offered to us (in addition I particularly want because they are my parents who gave it to me)

– Because your hospitality is legendary: “Make yourself at home” “Make yourself comfortable” …

– Because we will have to get used to the next tax reform

– Because I don’t have a swimsuit for Paris-Plage

– Because this is my evening dress

– Because it’s less sad than giving your body for science