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Will I end up on the wall of your living room?

I do not know you, you do not know me… Who am I? You will not know! Yet you can see me, see my body better than to see how many people they know me by heart… Maybe even I will finish on the wall of your living room! This perspective is curious, but far from being unpleasant, it would be rather exhilarating… This prompted me to come and participate and pose nude for the art project.
What you should know about me? I am someone who has not booked a habit of showing off. Yet being naked in front of Idan and be naked in front of you causes me no gene… Is to be included in a project highlighting dozens of completely different models to profiles that prevents to feel intimidated, I am an anonymous and more importantly an anonymous among many others. Paradoxically this is extremely pleasing on the contrary to feel different from others thanks to the talent of the photographer who gives a soul to each photograph and make it unique!
The photo shoot itself is also an amazing moment: working with a professional photographer in a photo studio when you’re not a model is a very interesting experience! And in these circumstances I think the result is rewarding for each model can be a very nice picture of art which is not given to everyone.
Finally being very fond of photography I am particularly excited by this project in general. If I like some of course more than others, I enjoy every photo and my preferences do not necessarily go to the most attractive physical models demonstrating how the artistic dimension of a critical triumph of the silhouette of the models.