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Wake up and bloom by Clara Diebler



by Clara Diebler

Gentle Strength, Bold Freedom

A Few Words About Muses

“Muse,” a term I long to reinvent, distilling it to its purest essence: raw, unfiltered inspiration. Softness, often mistaken for fragility, is actually a formidable strength. My muses are women of remarkable resilience, each one unique, bold, and delightfully irreverent. They defy conventions and stand firmly against societal expectations with unwavering determination.

Like the wild nature that nurtures their spirit, these women embody an indomitable freedom, an untamed independence that refuses to be controlled. They are as tenacious as the wind, as impetuous as the waves, and as nurturing as the earth itself. In their presence, one can perceive the profound connection between the human spirit and the untamed beauty of the natural world.

These muses, with their unyielding courage and embraced individuality, symbolize the blossoming of a society that is finally beginning to recognize and celebrate their true essence. Their audacity, inner strength, and gentle power are testament to a world gradually awakening to the true value of diversity and feminine energy.

Through my lens, I strive to capture this delicate dance between strength and softness, to exalt the indomitable spirit of these exceptional women. In each image, I endeavor to reveal the subtle harmony between their inner world and the wild landscapes that surround them. My aim is to honor the profound and mysterious beauty that emerges when we fully embrace our authentic nature.

My photographs seek to immortalize this fusion between the human and the natural, highlighting the splendor that resides in the contrasts and hidden harmonies of life. Each portrait is a window into a waking dream, where past and present intertwine, where softness meets brutality, and where melancholy transforms into magnificence. Through my gaze, I invite you to discover this hidden beauty in the interstices of human duality.

The begining by Clara Diebler


2019-2024 – Fine art print, limited to 30 copies (all sizes included)

la delicate web 'loubli de soi clara diebler

Self Oblivion

Self Oblivion

by Clara Diebler

"See the world, forget yourself"

A Few Words About Self Oblivion

Self Oblivion speaks of inner visions, of observation that are not biased by the gaze of others.

This project invites us to forget ourselves and see how the world is. A world where everything isconnected.

It is also a meditation, a few moments stolen from time and space where clouds pass through our entire soul.

Self Oblivion is the world piercing us. The world that calls to us and cries out, “We are one!”

The melancholy associated with it is only the memory of what we have loved.

The black and white film and the double exposure allow a dreamlike entry through the softness of the emulsion and the nostalgic side that emerges from it.

Look at you by Clara Diebler