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Story of Love №17 by Anna Laza

Story of Love

Story of Love

by Anna Laza

Human hands and their silent eloquence

Story of Love

The project “Story of Love” by Anna Laza is a poetic exploration of the silent eloquence of human hands, expressed through the timeless medium of black-and-white photography. Here, hands become the sole protagonists, each gesture revealing a chapter in the intricate tapestry of human emotions and relationships. In this collection, Anna captures the raw and tactile essence of emotions—affection, trust, unity, and even anger. Each photograph is a narrative in itself, depicting the universal story of human connection through the language of physical touch.

“Story of Love” is a celebration of the timeless bonds that unite us all, capturing the universal language of touch in its purest and most expressive form. Through her lens, Anna Laza invites us to witness the profound beauty and complexity of human interaction, offering a glimpse into this silent yet eloquent language that speaks volumes about our shared humanity.

Anna Laza, an influential visual artist in the field of art photography, weaves a tapestry of innovative styles through her lens. Her projects delve deeply into the realms of shooting and post-production, creating a unique fusion of technique and emotion. Acclaimed internationally, her work has not only been exhibited worldwide but has also won numerous prestigious awards, including honors at renowned competitions such as LensCulture.

Anna’s art finds its place in the pages of esteemed photography magazines, and her keen eye is often sought for inclusion in prestigious juries at photographic events. Beyond her personal creations, Anna is the visionary behind FotoSlovo, a magazine dedicated to discovering and celebrating emerging talents in photography each year.

Story of Love №4 by Anna Laza

Story of Love by Anna Laza

2019–2020 — Fine art prints, limited to 10 copies in all formats

Mermaid by Deborah Zuanazzi



by Deborah Zuanazzi

Hybrid realities

Few words on Mutatio

“Mutatio” is a captivating artistic photographic collection that explores the profound concept of transformation through a series of fantastic, surreal, and painterly images depicting hybrid creatures. This collection invites viewers into a mesmerizing world where the boundaries between species blur.

As viewers journey through the collection, they encounter beings that are at once familiar and alien—creatures that provoke both curiosity and introspection. Each photograph is a window into a world where transformation is not just a possibility but a fundamental truth. 

The title “Mutatio,” derived from Latin for “change,” encapsulates the collection’s core theme of metamorphosis and through these surreal amalgamations, the collection delves into the fluidity of form.

At the heart of “Mutatio” lies a meditation on the nature of change. By merging different elements, these images highlight the beauty and complexity of transformation, suggesting that identity is not fixed but constantly evolving.

With this collection, Deborah Zuanazzi invites viewers to embrace the fluidity of identity and the beauty of perpetual change; it challenges us to see the world through a lens of wonder and to recognize the potential for transformation within ourselves and the world around us.

Satyr by Deborah Zuanazzi


2021-2024 – Fine Art Print. Edition of 12 – All sizes included

Overwhelmed by Deborah Zuanazzi

Ab Intus

Ab Intus

by Deborah Zuanazzi

Unveiling the Inner Landscape

A Few Words About Ab Intus

“Ab Intus” is an artistic photographic collection that offers viewers a glimpse into the hidden depths of the human experience through surreal imagery. Each image within this collection serves as a portal to the innermost sanctums of the subjects, revealing worlds of emotions, desires, fears and memories.

The title, “Ab Intus,” from Latin for “from within,” serves as a poignant reminder of the collection’s central theme: the exploration of the internal landscape. Through a series of surreal and captivating images, the collection invites viewers to embark on a journey into the depth, leading us into windows of worlds where reality merges with imagination and the boundaries of perception are blurred.

At the heart of this collection lies a fascination with the hidden realms of consciousness—the thoughts, feelings, memories, and dreams that shape our lived experience. Each image offers a unique perspective on the inner realms of the subjects, from abstract representations of emotion to intricate depictions of memory and desire. 

With this collection, Deborah Zuanazzi invites viewers to explore the vast expanse of the inner self, and to contemplate their own inner worlds and the myriad emotions that reside within; a journey into the inner realms and the mysteries that lie within.


2021-2024 – Fine art print, limited to 12 copies (all sizes included)

Wake up and bloom by Clara Diebler



by Clara Diebler

Gentle Strength, Bold Freedom

A Few Words About Muses

“Muse,” a term I long to reinvent, distilling it to its purest essence: raw, unfiltered inspiration. Softness, often mistaken for fragility, is actually a formidable strength. My muses are women of remarkable resilience, each one unique, bold, and delightfully irreverent. They defy conventions and stand firmly against societal expectations with unwavering determination.

Like the wild nature that nurtures their spirit, these women embody an indomitable freedom, an untamed independence that refuses to be controlled. They are as tenacious as the wind, as impetuous as the waves, and as nurturing as the earth itself. In their presence, one can perceive the profound connection between the human spirit and the untamed beauty of the natural world.

These muses, with their unyielding courage and embraced individuality, symbolize the blossoming of a society that is finally beginning to recognize and celebrate their true essence. Their audacity, inner strength, and gentle power are testament to a world gradually awakening to the true value of diversity and feminine energy.

Through my lens, I strive to capture this delicate dance between strength and softness, to exalt the indomitable spirit of these exceptional women. In each image, I endeavor to reveal the subtle harmony between their inner world and the wild landscapes that surround them. My aim is to honor the profound and mysterious beauty that emerges when we fully embrace our authentic nature.

My photographs seek to immortalize this fusion between the human and the natural, highlighting the splendor that resides in the contrasts and hidden harmonies of life. Each portrait is a window into a waking dream, where past and present intertwine, where softness meets brutality, and where melancholy transforms into magnificence. Through my gaze, I invite you to discover this hidden beauty in the interstices of human duality.

The begining by Clara Diebler


2019-2024 – Fine art print, limited to 30 copies (all sizes included)

CHARLELIE eau secours baumann

Eau Secours

Eau Secours

by Arnaud Baumann

Each droplet that glides over the skin tells a unique story

Quelques mots sur Eau Secours


Water, cradle of life and the original mirror of humanity, reveals its poetry in Arnaud Baumann’s “Eau Secours” collection. Each droplet that glides over the skin tells a unique story, captured with sensitivity by the renowned photographer.

In this artistic exploration, Baumann invites us to introspect our connection with water and nature. These analog prints highlight detail, expression, and emotion. Under the shower, a moment of vulnerability and sincerity, faces reveal themselves, personalities emerge, and stories are whispered silently. This intimate contact with water evokes a range of reactions, from surprise to meditation, ecstasy to melancholy.

More than simple photographs, these images are artworks, signed and numbered by the artist. With his documentarian’s eye and humanist heart, Arnaud Baumann captures fleeting moments of truth. His models, whether artists, writers, scientists, or unknown individuals, share a part of their intimacy, offering a kaleidoscope of society in search of existential answers.

The high-quality prints on metallic paper, where water appears like pearls or precious crystal shards, captivate the eye and invite contemplation.

Each portrait is an invitation to reconnect with the very essence of life.

Jacques-Prince Okoko baumann eau secours


2007-2009 – Fine art prints limited to 26, all sizes included

la delicate web 'loubli de soi clara diebler

Self Oblivion

Self Oblivion

by Clara Diebler

"See the world, forget yourself"

A Few Words About Self Oblivion

Self Oblivion speaks of inner visions, of observation that are not biased by the gaze of others.

This project invites us to forget ourselves and see how the world is. A world where everything isconnected.

It is also a meditation, a few moments stolen from time and space where clouds pass through our entire soul.

Self Oblivion is the world piercing us. The world that calls to us and cries out, “We are one!”

The melancholy associated with it is only the memory of what we have loved.

The black and white film and the double exposure allow a dreamlike entry through the softness of the emulsion and the nostalgic side that emerges from it.

Look at you by Clara Diebler
reiser carnet d'adresses arnaud baumann

Little Black Book

Little Black Book

by Arnaud Baumann

A raw journey through the quest for freedom

A Few Words About Little Black Book


Photography, like all art forms, is a quest for something. For oneself? For truth?
For provocation?

Twenty-five years ago, the liberated post-’68 generation could enjoy many pleasures without too much fear of unemployment, not yet of AIDS, and less than today of ideological and religious extremism.

In the ’80s, the imminent fall of the Berlin Wall and a Europe on the move would abolish some of the borders and archaic miseries that had been set up between peoples… We lived in the hope of a better world. A freer world.

My thirst for freedom, combined with a search for identity, led me to have my friends and acquaintances pose for me in the simplest of poses, detached from any aesthetic considerations.
“Little Black Book” (published by DTV), a collection of nude portraits of famous and unknown people, proclaimed the truth of the gaze, without complexes or complacency.

At a time when European agreement is struggling to survive, other threats, climatic or conflictual, are darkening the horizon.

Added to this is the return of the narrow morality of our elders.

My ever-vital quest for truth leads me to risk shock by showing this personal, unbridled but assumed work, the uncompromising work of my early years as a photographer.

Arnaud Baumann, Paris 2024

Autoportrait et ma coiffeuse Katia carnet d'adresses arnaud
virtual street art

Virtual Street Art

Virtual Street Art

by Idan Wizen

The paradox of nudity and its censorship.

A few words about Virtual Street Art

The paradox of nudity and its censorship.

Idan Wizen’s “Virtual Street Art” collection boldly merges urban architecture with raw humanity. In this innovative series, Wizen superimposes nude bodies from his Purity collection of the “Un Anonyme Nu Dans Le Salon” project onto architectural shots of cities, integrating these human forms onto building facades as if they were street art murals.

These digital artworks, which blend the rigidity of urban structures with the vulnerability of the flesh, invite a critical reflection on the visibility of nudity in public spaces. They highlight a stark contrast with the trivialization of violence and weapons, shedding light on how society prioritizes and reacts to different forms of representation.

“Virtual Street Art” is not just a tribute to the beauty of the human body; it is also a provocative commentary on the social and cultural norms that govern our perception of what is acceptable and what is not. By placing nudity at the heart of streets, Wizen challenges taboos and sparks a necessary dialogue on freedom of expression and the boundaries of censorship in art and public life.

Explore this collection, where each image is an invitation to question the codes of our society and to reassess our comfort with nudity, so vividly contrasted against the everyday symbols of conflict and confrontation.

Appollon Square - Virtual Street Art by Idan Wizen

Virtual Street Art

2020 – C-Print – Edition of 3, each unique in size

Les boules sablé.e.s n°1 by Manon Deck Sablon



By Manon Deck-Sablon

The inherent beauty in our symbiotic relationship with nature


The “Figures” collection, envisioned by the talented French photographer Manon Deck-Sablon, stands as a remarkable artistic quest to blur the lines between the human body and the environmental setting it occupies. By intentionally choosing naked, anonymized subjects free from any sexual or identity attributions, Deck-Sablon turns these bodies into foundational elements of a larger canvas, skillfully playing with the dynamics of presence and absence, of occupied space and void. These models, through their mere presence in the work, transcend their personal individuality to meld into geometric compositions where the dialogue between the physical and the spatial achieves a profound and captivating visual resonance.

Beyond merely celebrating nudity in its most stripped-down form, “Figures” engages the viewer in a deep introspection on the intrinsic relationship between the self and the space it inhabits. Through her lens, Manon Deck-Sablon prompts us to rethink our understanding of the environment, whether natural or constructed, orchestrating a visual symphony where the strange meets the familiar, where harmony springs from the unexpected. This series is not just an exploration of the human form but also a meditation on our integration and interaction with the world around us. “Figures” invites us to a reevaluation of our perception of space and landscape, offering a harmonious fusion between the abstract and the tangible, between chaos and order, thus awakening a new awareness of the inherent beauty in our symbiotic relationship with nature.

Essences pionnières by Manon Deck Sablon

The Shape of Things

The Shape of Things

By Manon Deck-Sablon

The interaction between the Human body and the world that surrounds it

The Shape of Things

“The Shape of Things” collection by French photographer Manon Deck-Sablon is a bold exploration of the relationship between the human body and its surroundings. Leveraging the skills and sensitivity gained from her education in architecture and landscape, Deck-Sablon crafts scenes where nude, anonymous bodies devoid of any specific sexualization or gender interact with their environment in absurd and poetic ways.

In this series, the models transcend their personal identity to become abstract and disjointed forms. They blend into architectural or natural landscapes, altering the conventional perception of these spaces. The human presence, thus staged, prompts a reflection on our relationship with an environment sometimes perceived as hostile or alien. Paradoxically, these nude bodies and unusual spatial interactions enable a reclamation of urban and natural space, offering new perspectives and breathing life and meaning back into the environment.

“The Shape of Things” invites viewers to ponder on humanity’s place within its milieu and how our presence alters and is altered by the spaces we inhabit. Through her works, Manon Deck-Sablon challenges the boundaries between artifice and nature, the constructed and the innate, unveiling underlying beauty in the simplicity of forms and interactions.

Already acknowledged for her innovative approach, Manon Deck-Sablon has showcased her work in collective and individual exhibitions, as well as various art and architecture publications. Compared to artist Spencer Tunick for her management of bodies in space, Deck-Sablon distinguishes herself through a preference for geometric compositions involving a limited number of models, thus enhancing the impact of each body on the surrounding space.

“The Shape of Things” celebrates the interplay between the human body and the world around it, revealing the power of bodily expression in redefining our relationship with the environment. It is an invitation to contemplate and rethink the dynamics between humans and space, between abstraction and materiality, between chaos and order.

Panoptique by Manon Deck Sablon