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Overcoming my persistent sense of modesty

I have always been intrigued by artistic nude and if sitting appealed to me, I didn’t dare to take the plunge though, to tell the truth, I never really had the opportunity… I used to think of it as a gift for your companion, a picture that would remain in the couple’s privacy. I became acquainted with “Who’s That Nude In Your Living Room?” by word of mouth and I discovered simple photos, beautiful and natural, which made the best of every model stand out whatever their age or stoutness, and with no exhibitionism nor vulgarity.
The idea of discovering myself through that angle appealed more and more to me but there remained nonetheless a certain sense of decency that prevented me from going any further… Exposing yourself in front of a photographer is one thing, being aware that your photo will be displayed and sold on the net is another thing…
I eventually made up my mind nearly one year after the beginning of the project, at a turning point in my life. I asked myself: “if I don’t do it now, then when?” I asked a friend to come with me so that I could feel more at ease; once I was naked on that large black background, there was no way I could draw back! We started with pictures of my back, so it was easier for me to relax and then little by little, I turned round. On the first snapshots, my face was all strained in spite of all Idan was saying to put me at ease. And then, gradually, I almost forgot that I was naked and I posed more and more unaffectedly. The selected shot is one of the very last we made when I had managed to be as natural as possible. I had no preconceived idea of the position I wanted to adopt nor of what I wanted to show. Therefore, the choice of the selected photo was based upon how we felt about each of them and especially upon the expression on the face.
I like the result very much as it actually reveals little of my intimacy and enhances what I like best in me.