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Take the plunge and sit for Idan!

I was nervous… Please don’t imagine that it was at the idea of stripping in front of a stranger, even an artist; my sense of decency is purely moral, not the least physical. My only fear was not to be up to the photographer’s expectations, especially because I was aware that he was a professional who could not have the same look as the close relatives whom I had happened to sit for.
And the first minutes were minutes of agony: testing the light, fitting out the equipment, in a word, I was anxious like when you go to an interview for a job you’re very interested in… I reckon we’ve all experienced that. Then the sitting began and Idan’s kindness, his good mood and his sense of humor suddenly made it all very easy. I was only obsessed with following his instructions to the letter to get the best results. Big surprise: I didn’t see time pass, filled as I was with the desire to be up to the mark and above all very proud to have aroused a professional photographer’s interest, considering my age.
And I received the artist’s final work: I’m happy I have joined in. You who may still hesitate whereas deep in your heart you perhaps feel like doing the same, take the plunge and sit for Idan: you won’t regret it!